With the beautiful sounds of the eurovision song “Crno i belo” (” Black and White”), but also ” Locomotive ” legendary “Rogjeni” (in original). “Oboi me” (“Colour Me”), “Mesecina” (“Moon”) ect, pop megastar Kaliopi on saturday night, 15th of august,  “colored ” square Delfina, in Karposh, Skopje.

With her performace is started Cultural summer in Karposh 2015th.

With numerous audiences, mainly residents of Karposh, and numerous guests from other municipalities in Skopje, square  Delfina in Vlae/ Karposh, was full of fans of good music and fantastic performance of the leading Macedonian female music brand.

Kaliopi grew up in this municipality. The mayor Stevche Jakimovski express a lot of positive feelings about the music diva Kaliopi.

In the beautiful summer evening,  Kaliopi break between two songs animated audience with romantic memories of their great love, born between her and her Romeo Gril (author of “Black and White”), right here in Karpos benches, a “life story”…

Kaliopi Bukle toke part of Eurovision 2012 th in Baku, with the song “Crno i belo” “(Black and white”), and get the 13 th place in the final.


Author: Valentina Gjorgievska Pargo