INFE pride, the singer Giannis Moraitis has every reason to be proud, for the prize in Ohrid fest 2015, and for the very high position, the same as Sakis Rouvas in Eurovision 2004.

Giannis won high place, of honor for Greece, among 23 entries, the Balkan Music Festival in Ohrid and the Special award best international participant artist.

Score table : duet “Vlatko Ilievski & Jelena Dzurich” (55), Pajtosi (55), Elena Petrevska (47), Giannis Moraitis (43)…

He has wondefrul choreography,  at the end of the choreography, with wooden chair , he take off his coat, the same as Sakis on Eurovision.

Audience in Dolni Saraj, Ohrid were screaming of suprise and positive energy.

His performance is directed and cheoreographed by Fenia Apostoulou. Giannis song “A Ethniki” (pron. alpha ethniki) is composed by Akis Mellis and lyrics by Stelios Maggioros.

The director od Tv streaming Tihomir Bachovski, give him best compliments, as for a very talented and atractive artist on stage.

And many , many compliments for Giannis. The director Grigor Koprov (five times eurovision composer), invite him for “Ohrid fest 2016”, and offer him to make a song for “Suncane skale 2016” in Monte Negro.

Giannis was sent to Ohrid fest 2015 , by Agelos Dadalias, INFE- Greece.

stelios prize so janis


( Giannis with prize)

In Ohrid, Giannis, was accompanied by producer Stelios, who was also a member of International jury. The jury were voting by eurovision sistem, and Stelios gave 12 points to Giannis.




(Stelios in jury)   (Giannis and Stelios backstage)

The greek singer was introduced to Mrs Sanja Dolezal, the President od Jury (she gave him 6 points), talented vocal of legendary croatian band “Novi fosili” (Eurovision 1987- “Ja sam za ples” -”I wanna dance”).

giannis sanja

(Sanja and Giannis)

Also, he get a few offers- to sing duet with macedonian singer, to sing with singers in casino in Gevgelija, and to be part of International festival Evrofest 2015 in Skopje, for the program “Winners of the european festivals”.

Journalist asked him- “Will we see You on Eurovision”?

Vlatko Ilievski, the winner of Ohrid fest 2015, is eurovision singer, he was representing Republic of Macedonia in 2001 in Germany, with the song “Rusinka” (” Russian girl”).

They made nice friendship in Ohrid.

Valentina Gjorgievska Pargo