Young and charming singer Manos Stavridis from Athens, this weekend (31.th of october) won 1st prize in International pop festival "Evrofest2015" in Skopje.
The song "My Dream" is a composition of Antonis Rigas, who has edited and lyrics of the song, while production and orchestration did Kim Diamantopoulos / Heartbeat studios.
But, it s intresting that Manos was suggested by Infe Greece, by Angelos Dadalias, who decide to accompany him in Skopje, and also he was member of international jury of Evrofest 2015th
Manos Stavridis was born and raised in Athens, where he lives to this day, he is an author, singer, dancer, guitar player, he had the chance to appearon stage with several names known of arts such as Vegas, the Stavento, the Red Carpets etc., and participated in a famous game exploring for musical talent previously (Greek Idol / Alpha tv) and reaching a high enough position.
He is passionate about music, dreams and ambitions-he did not hesitate to accept the proposal Infe and to wear the colors of his country.
After the festival Manos was invited by maestro Risto Krapovski, to take part of the traditional balkan ethno gala concert, soon.
Many others singers took part of Evrofest- except the macedonian singers, also there were singers from Georgia, Russia, Belarus Monte Negro, Bulgaria, Croatia ... Jury festival of Evrofest gave prizes to a few singers more, and Grand Prix to Nazar from Georgia in duet with "the golden guitarplayer of Europe" Hristo Kirilov from Bulgaria.
 Valentina Gjorgievska Pargo