Her tenth birthday, Jovana Trajcevska from Skopje, celebrated  with their classmates in school for people with impaired vision ” Dimitar Vlahov” – Skopje.

Her special quest was macedonian eurovision representative for JESC 2015- Magdalena Aleksovska, and friends from “Anima Mundi“ .

Magdalena honored Jovana with the performance of her eurovision theme ” Braid“

„Anima Mundi“ brought their pets and children playing with them .

Joy culminated cutting the birthday cake when all together sang songs by Tose , Kaliopi , Karolina (all singers from Eurovision).

Jovana is beautiful multitalented blind girl, with beautiful singing , playing the piano and accordion , and writing poetry.

Photo: Anima Mundi

Va. G. Pargo