ukraine 2Day after Eurovision 2016, around 172.000 people signed the petition dedicated to European Broadcasting Union from all the fans that not agree with the results from Eurovision Song Contest 2016.
They wrote– We understand that jury voting and televoting process is a hard and emotional one, but the amount of people who’ve signed this shows that how many people are sure that this year’s “winner” is not the one who should really win the contest. We have no doubt on the justice and privacy of contest that’s why we think that there’s need to revise the results.
A few hours after, European Broadcasting Union answered:
May 17, 2016 — The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest was a spectacular show and a testament to a year of hard work by so many people from so many countries. The live shows were world-class television productions with a thriller climax on Saturday night.

We understand the passions and emotions that are engendered by the Eurovision Song Contest. In light of this, we have taken notice of your petition and appreciate this opportunity to respond.

The winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest was decided by music industry professionals and you, viewers at home, each with a 50 percent stake in the result. Ukraine’s Jamala won, thanks to broad support from both the juries as well as televoters. She did so with an outstanding performance of an emotional song, telling a personal story.

Australia’s Dami Im won the jury vote. Sergey Lazarev won the televoting. They both deserve credit for their world-class performances, their great songs and for being magnanimous in defeat. They may not have won the contest, but responded to the outcome as winners. We respect and appreciate them for that.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a competition. There can only be one winner. We understand that not everyone agrees with the outcome of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest however in a competition where the results are decided based on a subjective and often very personal opinions, there will always be people who do not agree. Regardless of this, the result remains valid by all means, in accordance with the rules as they were known to each participating broadcaster, each artist and each dedicated fan.

Ukraine is, and will remain, the winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. Whether you agree or disagree, we call upon those who signed this petition to embrace the result, valid in accordance with the rules, and to continue a constructive dialogue about how to further strengthen and improve the Eurovision Song Contest.

European Broadcasting Union
17 May 2016