Recently, Skopje hosted the 20th edition of Evrofest, with the participation of singers- winner od various European festivals. In strong competition from dozens of countries (Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, Russia, Gagauz Yeri …) Grand Prix of the City of Skopje won the charmingh Greek debutant Harris Kornaros, which was the proposal of I.N.F.E. Greece, and the main person, Angelos Dadalias, his promoter. His song “Ap’tin arxi” is strong rock ballad.

Recently You won Grand prix from the city of Skopje, on Evrofest 2016, in the International selection. How does it feel to win Grand Prix?

It was so unexpected. It was only four days from my song release and my first time I sang it live so I didn’t expect so much. Definitely not Grand Prix. I am so so happy for that! I want to thank the INFE Greece, the city of Skopje and all the people at Evrofest for that beautiful experience!

Do You like the other singers?

I liked many singers from the festival, and their songs, also, especially young albanian singer Artemisa Mithi. That girl was my favourite! She won Grand prix.

What about Your music career till now?

I am a professional singer here in Greece for the last two years and I am singing at some stages with my band but I’ve just began my career as a recording artist with that song I won Evrofest!

Do You have a dream to sing one day on Eurovision?

One of my biggest dreams is to sing on Eurovision Contest for Greece. The winning song called “Ap’tin arxi” and music was written by me and lyrics by me and Pegasus, famous producers who have cooperated with very big greek artists, big eurovision stars, such as Helena Paparizou, Sakis Rouvas, Anna Vissi, Mando etc

Valentina Gjorgievska Pargo