Valentina Gjorgievska Pargo

On December 30, 2016, australian online magazine,, published a story about the best and worst George Michael covers. Macedonian singer, Tose Proeski made one of the best covers, Jesus to a Child (others : Michael Buble — Kissing a Fool, Mariah Carey — One More Try, Tori Amos — Father Figure, Carrie Underwood — Praying For Time, Fernanda Takai e Samuel Rosa — Pra Curar Essa Dor (Heal the Pain), J oan Baez — Hand to Mouth…).

Magazine, express the oppinion about Toshe- YOUNG Macedonian singer Toše Proeski, who passed away in 2007, recorded this, which is one of George Michael’s most beautiful songs. His voice does it justice.

Tose Proeski (1981-2007) was superstar and the most popular singer in ex Yougoslavia. He started singing during his child hood. To improve his singing, Proeski took classes in New York from maestro William Riley, who was also coach to famous tenor, Luciano Pavarotti. When he returned, Proeski held humanitarian concerts throughout Macedonia and Balkan. In 2004, Proeski was representing Macedonia at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, Turkey, and in February, he performed eight songs, where a jury, televoting, and his own opinion chose the song. The song “Angel Si Ti” (“You’re an Angel”) was chosen by all three. In April, Proeski released his album “Dan Za Nas” (“A Day For Us”), which featured the eight songs from the Eurovision selection in Macedonian.

In May, Proeski finished 14th with the song “Life”, which was the English version of “Angel Si Ti”. Prior to the contest he was popularised by reporters due to his tremendous opera singing ability, at his press conferences.

All eight songs were recorded in English, but only the winning song of the national final, “Life,” was released. DuringTHE TV national final show, after each song was performed, a clip of the song was played in English to show viewers how it would sound if that song won the contest and was performed in English at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 final.

He was awarded with the Mother Theresa Humanitarian Award and in 2003 he became a RegionalUNICEF Ambassador. In 2004 Proeski was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and recorded the song “This World” which became the UNICEF anthem. He passed away 16th of october 2007.