Првата изјава по објавувањето на информацијата дека „Ај кју“ ќе ја претставуваат Република Македонија на Евровизија ексклузивно за ИНФЕ ја дава фронтменот и автор Бојан Трајковски:
-Јас само пратив песна и не размислував на тоа и откако ја пратив престанав да ја слушам. Кога ни јавија дека ние сме одбрани, ни требаа неколку минути да сфатам дека е вистина, и дека таа информација се однесува за нас. Веднаш ја споделив веста со остнатите членови од бендот, со кои токму во тој момент бевме во студио нешто снимавме, и бевме пресреќки. Баш во тој момент бевме заедно снимавме нешто,а од низата музички работи ова ни е како следен чекор напред и исчекор. Песната се вика Lost and found, тоа е оригиналната верзија на англиски јазик. Автор сум јас , а аранжманот е на Дарко Димитров .
Бојан од „Ај кју“ вели дека сега ќе се фокусираат чекор по чекор да се финализираат подготoвките, а потоа заедно со евровискиот тим на Мртв заедно ќе дејствуваат за подобри подготовки и претставување на Евровизијата 2018, во мај во Лисабон.

eye cue

The first statement after publishing the information that Eye Cue will represent Republic of Macedonia at the Eurovision exclusive for INFE is given by the frontman and author Bojan Trajkovski:
-I just sent a song and I did not think about it, and after I sent it I even stopped listening the song. When they call and told us that we were choose, it took us a few minutes for me to realize that is truth and that information is about us. I immediately shared the news with the rest of the members of the band, with which at that moment we were in the studio recording something. Just at that moment we were recording together something,and this is just a new step in our musical works. The song is called Lost and found, it’s the original version of English. I am the author, and the arrangement is on Darko Dimitrov.
Bojan says now they will focus on step by step to finalize the preparations, and then together with theeurovision team of MRTV they will work together for better preparation and presentation.
Eye cue is composed by Bojan Trajkovski – Vocals/Guitar, Ivo Mitkovski – Drums and
Marija Ivanovska – Vocals. Genre- Rock/Alternative
Eye Cue is a Macedonian pop/rock band that have been performing their own material since 2007. Their creative energy, as well as the audience’s energy, set the foundation of the band – completely dedicated to creating and building a career in the music industry. Highly dedicated and immense musical arrangement in their performance, yet remains a contemporary rock ‘n’ roll formation that cannot be easily labeled – an original musical expression.

Their collaboration with the renowned Macedonian producer, Valentino Skenderovski, began in 2007, with the preparation of the material for their debut album “Superstar Wannabe”. The video for their first single “Magija” was released in May 2008, and became a major success. Five months later, the video for their second single “Superstar Wannabe” was released, the song that gave the name to their debut album.

They had their official concert promotion for the album “Superstar Wannabe”, along with a video promotion for “Glowing Lips” in June, 2009.

The band’s fourth video for the single “Not this time” was broadcasted on the music channel MTV Adria in March, 2010, and reached the top of the chart. This song was warmly accepted by the audiences throughout the Balkans.

At the end of 2010 the video for the song “Not This Time” was in the top 20 most popular videos for 2010 on MTV Adria. After a while the band had their “MTV Express” – a show on which acoustic versions of their songs were performed.

So far they have been a part of major festivals in Macedonia and the region like “Taksirat”, “Exit”, “Schengen Fest”, “Streets Fest”, “Vevchani”, “Pivolend”, “Ohrid Beach fest”, “Alarm”.

In December 2011, the band recorded a video for the song “Ne zaboravaj”, which a year later, is still popular on local media.

On June 25th, 2012, the band’s new song, “Ista pateka” was promoted on MTV Adria where it immediately reached the chart’s number 2. On the local radio stations, this song held the number 1 position for at least 4 months. At the end of the year they received an award for the song as it was one of the five most played song on all the radio stations in the country. Also the song reached no. 11 on the annual MTV Adria Chart.

2013 was a big success for the band as they had two major hits with the songs “Son” and “Bobi bas mi e gajle”. “Son” climbed no. 4 and “Bobi bas mi e gajle” no.9 on the MTV Chart.
2013 was the second year in a roll for the band to receive an award on the “Radio festival” as they had again one of the most played songs on all the radio stations all over the country.