3 Jad Alayli, You are young singer from Lebanon. First, introduce yourself to us?

 I’m a Lebanese singer born and raised in RAS EL MATEN. I start my music journey participating in school concerts, local festivals and teaching dances in three community schools. I have previously worked as a reporter in some local and community magazines. In addition, I’m a member of the NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF LEBAENESE CHILD.

 How many songs till now you’ve got relised?

 I relised already five songs :
Love birds, Beg you, How do I love her, (All written and composed by me)
Commando Army, written by me and composed by Paul Bejjani,
Wounded written by me composed by Michalis Antoniou and produced by Jonas Gladnikoff and the sixth song “I loved u like an angel” is on the way. The song was written by Michalis Antoniou, composed by Andreas Anastasiou and Produced by Jonas Gladnikoff. All the songs are sung in Arabic.

 Do you have any video clip?

 Yes I relised two video clips : Beg you,
How do I love her, and soon the third clip for the song I loved u like an angel will be relised. You can watch all my clips and hear all my songs on my official YouTube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/jadalayli

 You work with the famous Eurovision composer Michalis Antoniou. How did you get in cooperation?

 He actually found me through Facebook. Its an honor to work with him as he is very experience in the music industry and can he have the ability to guide you in the music industry avoiding any mistakes. He is the one that secured my performance and participation in Pirogovsky Rassvet Festival (international contest of pop singers Russia 2014) and also to the International CD project Passport To The World.

 Do you have any idea to sing on Eurovision, sometimes? You watched that show?

 Yes, I would love to participate and sing in Eurovision. Actually, I watched the 2018 show and it was amazed.

 You were invited to sing in Ohrid fest last year, but from technical problems you didn’t come. This year is jubilee festival, 25 years of the festival. But maybe you will come next year?

 Grabbing the opportunity let me thank you for the invitation. As you already mention last year i was not able to come but next year definitely I will be there.

 Do you sing often on the festival s stage? You like festivals?

 Sure, participating in festivals gives me the pleasure and the touch of happiness. Interacting with people is an amazing feeling.

 What about the other part of your career? You are model, TV presenter?

 I’m addicted with creativity, I am an interior designer. But as I mentioned before I worked also as a reporter in many magazines and websites for online news.

 Will you continue collaboration with mister Michalis?

 Definitely, I will do because I have so much to learn from him.


Valentina Gjorgievska Pargo