ff2Pantelis Kastanidis is one of the promising young artists in Greece. Born in the city of Patra on the 4th of March the Greek artist comes from a family of musicians so he started dealing with music from the age of 4. Meanwhile he studied drama and took part in ancient Theatrical plays. Pantelis made his first steps in music by holding numerous live performances in various minor music stages across the country. However his path led him to perform in bigger music stages and in collaboration with the most popular and important singers of the Greek music scene. Natasa Theodoridou, Lakis Papadopoulos, Giorgos Giannias, Valantis, Themis Adamantidis, Kaiti Garmpi. Katerina Stanisi. Stelios Dionysiou, Ilias Vrettos, Christos Pazis, Katerina Stikoudi and more others have been some of the important artistic names that he has sung alongside with.
His discography starts back in 2010 when he released the song “Den xero poios eime” (Don’t know who I am) which came 2nd in the Eurovoice competition. In 2011 he releases the new single “Vgeno stous dromous” (going out on the Streets) while next year he makes a new version of the 80’s ballad “Fila me” (Kiss me) by Rififi. Next piece of work will be his song “Apo simera” (From today on) in 2014 which displayed in the music channel of MAD Tv and declared song of the week in Greek MTV. Two years after he unveils the new single “Prin kala kala” ( Just when about ) His latest work is “Tora agapao” (Now I love) which will represent Greece in the International Ohrid Festival.
In 2017 he participated in the Greek edition of The Voice and was chosen to join the team of the famous pop star Sakis Rouvas.IMG_08713